Managed Admin & Support Services

MCG works as a managed and integrated service provider for large government, semi-government, and private sector projects. We have successfully managed such projects through our high-quality outsourcing solutions that build and nurture short-term efficiency and long term agility of client organisations. We have a proven history of providing efficient and reliable services matching or exceeding the industry’s best standards  in compliance with clients’ company policies and regulations.

Our partners are not only able to eliminate the administrative burden, but also get peace of mind that all compliance and regulatory risks will be appropriately managed. 

A few examples of our Managed Administration and Support Services portfolio include:

  • End-to-End Business Process Outsouring and Management
  • End-to-End Project Deployment Management
  • Payroll System Update/Management
  • Compliance and Ethics Program Management
  • Trade Documentation and Procurement Outsourcing
  • HR Department Outsourcing
  • HR Services  & Administration Outsouricng
  • Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, Processes Management

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