HR Administrative Services Outsourcing

Most business owners and managers in all kinds of organizations, including Small, Medium and Global, fail to recognize that there are administrative assistance services available that may help them complete administrative tasks. Human resources administration outsourcing is a viable and, more often than not, cheaper solution to an in-house administration system.

MCG offers outsourcing solutions that build and nurture short-term efficiency and long term agility of business organizations by providing efficient and reliable services matching or exceeding the industry’s best standards in compliance with client’s company policies and regulations.

With MINDCo.’s HR Administrative Services Outsourcing solution, employers and managers are not only able to eliminate the administrative burden, but also the major compliance and regulatory concerns associated with Human Resource Administration.

We take responsibiity of:

  • Job Contract/Offer Preparation
  • Job Contract/Offer Administration
  • New Hires Employee Files Creation
  • Employee Files Maintenance including attendance, leaves, holidays, status changes etc.
  • Closure of Employee files for Leavers and maintenance of Leavers Records
  • Payroll System Administration
  • Benefits Management like Insurance Enrollment & Renewals, Travel Allowances etc.
  • Payroll Administration
  • Labor Law, Other Regulations and Policies Compliance
  • Communicating Official Information to Employees

While we take care of client’s administrative needs, we also add strategic value to it by ensuring that our Trade Documentation and Procurement Outsourcing Services bring in best of deals for your benefits administration.

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