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Talent Acquisition is a difficult deal these days. Usual post a job, get the CVs, screen and hire does not work anymore. Talent Acquisition has become a different ball game which requires recruitment strategies customized to hiring requirements, organization, sector and organization’s fiscal considerations. Even within the same organization, there could be different strategies for different roles as they differ in terms of the specialization, hierarchy and department. MCG has been working on Talent Acquisition in globalized and localized countries of the world wherein it has worked on Talent Acquisition for global, regional and local organizations including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). MCG has helped organizations setup their entire teams right from the most junior employees in the team to senior management roles. With a team that has an understanding of global landscape of Human Resources pool availability, MCG has supported Talent Acquisition from the farthest of Western hemisphere of the world to the far end of Eastern hemisphere.

MCG’s offers following Talent Acquisition Services:

  • Sourcing Strategy Consulting : MCG helps clients to define their global or local hiring strategies depending on the roles they want to hire. An organization’s  hiring strategies have to be often tailor made not only as per organizational internal requirements like roles and hiring budgets but also in accordance with external factors like talent pool availability, market hiring conditions etc. MCG continuously being in market and working across different countries, is always in a position to help clients in defining their sourcing strategies. MCG has experience of advising organizations in devising their sourcing strategies from the time when they were in startup stage to the point when they just needed scaling up their human resources within the organization.
  • High Volume HR Hiring and Deployment Project Management:  Large scale or high volume human resource deployment projects can be overwhelming experience for any HR team. Tight timelines, uncertainty of outcomes, huge investment, etc. may leave even the best HR teams looking for a cover. Try MCG’s Human Resource Hiring and Deployment Project Management Service which supports large scale or high volume deployment projects through team of experts having extensive experience in high volume deployment project management. MCG works through its in-house team in different countries and has alliances with multiple agencies which have been empanelled after due diligence and training their teams on MCG’s standard operating procedures. The teams at the partner agencies work in direct co-ordination with MCG’s consultants ensuring only the best candidates have a direct interface with the client. MCG acts as a Project Manager for the deployment project. Client have the advantage of working with a single point of contact only while all hassle of working with different partners across multiple geographies taken off from the client by MCG.  MCG has a reach that extends far and wide from Far East Countries like Vietnam, Philippines, etc. to South Asian Countries like India, Nepal and Sri Lanka to Western part of the world covering Eastern and Western European countries reaching up to USA and Canada.
  • Executive Search Services: MCG’s Executive Search Service focuses on assisting clients with senior management positions ensuring their timely closure in the most effective way.  Identifying the best talent from the pool relevant to client’s industry and relevant to client organization at Senior Management level requires a knack of not only identifying talent but also headhunting it to on-board the client organization. MCG’s Executive Search ensures that this done is fairly well utilizing best practice methodologies so that client’s Turn Around Time (TAT) is minimized.
  • Employer Branding Campaigns:  MCG has helped organizations build their branding by supporting their employer branding campaigns. Employer branding is an important tool to attract the talent from the market. MCG helps organizations to realize and implement on what it takes to improve the branding of an organization from an employee’s perspective.
  • Employee Referral Programs : MCG works in conjunction with clients to design and run the most optimal and effective employee referral programs. Having a team which has worked with multiple organizations on their employee referral programs, MCG can assure the best returns the designed employee referral programs.

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