Trade, Business, and Human Resource Consulting

MCG’s Trade, Business, and HR Consulting division assists clients achieve efficiency and improve their processes through global best practices and innovative thought. MCG offers consulting services in following areas of expertise :

  • International Trade and Export Promotion & Advisory: MCG provides entire gamut of services to help identify opportunities for overseas export and take advantage of Free Trade Agreements to expand business globally. MCG also undertakes comprehensive market research studies and support with other related activities contributing to the effective implementation of MCG’s advice and recommendations. 
  • Organisation Design, Workforce Planning and Budgeting:  One of the critical needs of any new organisation is to design an effective organisation structure.  Furthermore, as organisations evolve with time, the organisation design gets more and more complex. A critical analysis of organisation design enables effective manpower planning.  MCG team facilitates the organisation design and manpower planning process for a planned organisational growth enabling optimal resource utilisation.
  • Innovation and Change Management Advisory: MCG team provides support to organisations undergoing change of various forms like technological, process related, restructuring, redundancies, etc. This helps organisations in managing change effectively by reducing barriers to change and increasing the desire for change.
  • Job Description and Salary Benchmarking: MCG starts operating at the most basic level of Human Resource Management. A job exists, so a job description is must to define its purpose and contribution in the organisation. A clear job description helps in clarifying expectations between the organisation and employees. It also gives a sense of responsibility to employees by helping them understand the contribution they make in the organisation. If Job description is not presented accurately, it can lead to significant differences in the expectations of prospective employees and those of the line manager leading to a chaos in the organisation. MCG takes Job Description definition fairly seriously and ensures that every line in job description helps employee understand the right scope and accountability of the role.
  • Competency Mapping, Job Evaluation and Grading Structure: Creating an effective job grading structure helps in building effective organisational and compensation structure for an organisation.  To create an effective grading structure, an accurate job evaluation is must which helps in determining the right grade for different jobs in the organisation.  Using the principles of various prevalent job evaluation methodologies, MCG evaluates jobs in client organisations to define grading structure from the scratch or revamp existing grading structure for effective day-to-day job evaluations.
  • Reward, Compensation and Benefits Programs: Ensuring internal equity and external competitiveness of salaries and benefits is critical for attracting and retaining high caliber employees. While, it is necessary to ensure market competitiveness, it is equally essential to ensure that the organisation’s compensation philosophy aligns with its fiscal policy and other financial considerations. MCG helps organisations attain this fine balance by designing highly effective reward and compensation programs including salary ranges, short and long term incentive programs, bonus schemes, benefits programs, etc.
  • Talent Acquisition, HR Mobilisation and Deployment Project Management:  Ad-hoc hiring or the large scale or bulk human resource deployment projects can be overwhelming experience for any HR team. Tight timelines, uncertainty of outcomes, huge investment, all this and more may leave even the best HR teams looking for a cover. MCG supports one-off as well as large scale or bulk HR deployment projects through team of experts having extensive experience in large scale deployment project management. MCG has alliances with multiple partner agencies in different countries which have been empanelled after due diligence and team training on MCG’s standard operating procedures. The teams at the partner agencies work under direct supervision of MCG’s consultants ensuring only the best candidates have a direct interface with client.
  • ER/IR, Investigations, and Mediation: Having Employee/Industrial Relations is an integral part of any organisation’s human resource management practices.  MCG team has excellent experience in managing and advising on employee relations matters in compliance with applicable legislations.
  • KPIs and Performance Management:  Performance management is the process of creating a work environment in which people are enabled and motivated to perform to the best of their abilities. Effective performance management aligns the efforts of supervisors and employees with departmental and organisational goals. MCG facilitates the management of performance management process at client organisations in an objective way.  KPIs are used as valuable and objective tools to manage and measure performance of any organisation. Unless a rigorous process to develop these measures is in place, an organisation often lands up in situation finding no clear links between measures and the organisational strategy. MCG faciliates this critical link for client organisations.
  • Culture Management and Employee Recognition Programs (Cash and Non-Cash): Award and Recognition Programs are another HR tool to enhance the employee engagement, satisfaction and employee motivation at work place. MCG team can help you design effective programs (both cash and non-cash) to recognize and appreciate the contribution of employees in your organisation. With experience of designing Award and Recognition Programs for multiple local and global organisations, MCG team is fully capable of providing excellent support in this area.
  • Governance Structures: Organisational Policies facilitate a smooth working environment by providing unambiguous operating standards. Policies also help in ensuring judicious use of organisational resources, thus affecting overall cost impact of managing and running the organisation. MCG assists in the formulation of organisational policies and their review to ensure they are consistent, unambiguous and conducive to organisation’s current working environment.
  • Compliance with Laws: There are numerous global and local laws and regulations governing the employment relationship of employees with the organisation. This knowledge of laws and regulations governing these relationships is a must for every organisation to avoid costly fines and other penalties, including the potential harm to the organisation’s reputation. By virtue of extensive experience of working across geographies, MCG understands global, regional and local laws and regulations. MCG team can help client organisations understand various HR regulatory frameworks they need to comply with and can also provide relevant advice on various related matters.
  • Training, Counselling, and Coaching: MCG team has extensive experience in providing effective training on various topics of organisations’ interest. Equipping managers and employees with right skills along with effective counselling and coaching support contributes to enhanced job satisfaction and performance. 

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