Skills and Workforce Shortage Solutions

Critical Skills and Workforce Shortage across industries and countries is a major economic development barrier. We have been supporting businesses around the world in addressing their workforce and skills shortages.

Through our global reach, we map and source qualified talent from around the world, complete necessary assessments, and manage end-to-end cross-border movement of global talent pool meeting the critical workforce requirements across countries. Thus, supporting the economic development in multiple countries. The destination countries benefit as they get workforce for industrial activities in a timely manner. The home countries of these workers benefit through the remittances by workers to their home countries.

We work closely with representatives from governments, industry bodies, chambers, economic activity promoters, investment corporations, industry members, etc. Through our global talent pool footprint, we are able to source and assess qualified talent pool. We also manage cross-border movements of workers by facilitating relevant government representatives in signing up industry specific, project specific, and client specific agreements suiting the needs of the economic activity.

We also ensure compliance with ILO guidelines, destination and origin country regulations, and other applicable laws and ethical standards during cross-border movements. Additionally, we also play an integral role in enhancing the cross-cultural understanding of workers and get them job ready for the destination country by partnering with expert training providers to bring the new workforce up to the industry requirements.

We have worked to address critical workforce shortage issues for projects and industry in/from Australia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East addressing critical workforce shortages in Healthcare, Community Service, Hospitality and Facilities Management, Building and Construction, Defence, Engineering, Manufacturing, etc.

Move & Work in Australia Program

MCG’s program to address skills and workforce shortages in Australia. 

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