Terms & Conditions

This policy outlines MINDCo’s requirements for the approval and processing of refunds. The refund policy only applies for services offered by MINDCo to the retail clients. The Business-to-Business clients are governed for refunds or replacements in accordance with the agreements signed individually with the respective business organisation.

Our refund policies and terms and conditions comply with the legal requirements of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

Am I eligible for a refund?

Refunds can only be paid to retail clients and only in limited circumstances, which are outlined below.

The clients may be eligible for a refund if they place their request to withdraw their interest of availing MINDCo’s service, prior to the commencement of service. A full refund will be considered, less an administration fee of AUD$160 or its equivalent in other currencies. Any bank charges etc incurred on account of processing such refund shall be the cost of the client. If the withdrawal is requested after the service has commenced, or has been completed, no refund will be considered.

The service is deemed to be commenced once MINDCo receives the first payment from the client and MINDCo communicates the commencement of service through an email to the client.

Lodging a request for a refund

Applications for refunds must be made by completing the refund form and forwarding it to mindcoconsulting@gmail.com



We will make refund payments to the person or organisation that initially paid the fee, and via the same method as the initial payment was made.

We process refunds within three weeks of receiving a written request, once all applicable documentation has been received.



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